Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take reservations?

The Mirror does not take reservations. All of our guests are welcome to walk in and be served on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’re interested in making a reservation for an event, our sister bars Never Looked Better & The Golden Age can accommodate groups of nearly every size. 


How the heck do I get in?

Finding your way in is part of the experience, but if you’re really stuck, know that we are proud to keep it underground.


What kind of music do you play?

We only play one thing – old school hip-hop. We focus mainly on the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s.


Can I request a song?

Nope. Sorry, but we’ve curated a vibe, and we’re gonna stick to it. So please don’t harass our staff to play “just one song cuz it’s his/her/your birthday.” We are simply not equipped to take requests. Plus, you don’t actually want the pressure of finding something everyone in the entire bar is gonna like! Just relax, know you’re in good hands, and enjoy the vibe!


Why is it so dark?

Because the darker it gets, the better looking everyone gets. But seriously, it’s all about the speakeasy vibes – low, sexy, lighting and great music. Stay awhile, your eyes will adjust. 


Why can’t I use a flash or my phone flashlight?

Because it absolutely hurts the vibe. We could go into the science of how eye dilation works (ok, maybe we couldn’t), but we do know that when you turn your flash on, every other person in the bar receives a jarring amount of light that resets everyone’s eyeballs and makes everything worse. Plus, our bartenders need to be able to operate in low lighting, when you blind them, drinks take longer, and that’s terrible! We have candles, and we feature lighting underneath the bar to illuminate menus. Darkness is an integral part of the experience. 


Is there a cover charge?

Never. The Mirror does not charge cover. If someone is asking for cash payment to enter, please let a team member know immediately. Someone asking for cover is more than likely not associated with us!


Do you serve any food?

We sell delicious, classic Lays Potato Chips for $2.00.


Can I bring in outside food?

Sorry, but no. We don’t allow outside food ordering or eating at The Mirror. There are plenty of great restaurants in our area and our staff is very knowledgeable if you are looking for a bite to eat. 


Do you have big name brands?

The Mirror  features a unique beverage program that focuses on small batched and local spirits of the highest quality. We prefer to buy hand-made spirits that speak for themselves.  Our team of  experts on liquor, wine, and beer have carefully tried thousands of products to ensure we are bringing you the best possible selections. We encourage you to try something new and trust that you are in good hands. As commercials in the 90s taught us, “Image is nothing. Thirst is everything. Obey your thirst.”


Can I rent out the space for a daytime event – photoshoot, baby shower, business meeting, etc?

The Mirror is available on select days for daytime events. Please know that there is a rental fee associated with these events. Pricing is AT LEAST $250/hour with a minimum of 2 hours. Available times for rental will generally be 11am-3pm. Please note that all guests and equipment/displays/items must be vacated by 3:30 to allow our staff to prepare the bar for opening at 5pm.


What is the dress code?

The Mirror doesn’t have a strict dress code, wear whatever is comfortable –  or dress to impress! – it’s up to you.


What can’t I bring?

Everyone is invited to The Mirror, but not every “thing” can come inside. We must insist that absolutely no outside food or alcohol, no weapons of any kind (guns, knives, mace, tasers, etc), no illegal drugs, no oversized bags or luggage, no pets (except service animals), no underage guests, no professional photography/videography equipment (without permission), and no clothing that could be considered hateful, discriminatory, or obscene. Oh, and no f*****g glitter or confetti!